Friday, February 24, 2012

Model for A Day :D

I love clothes, and I love wearing them in front of the camera that's why when my bff Sittie told me that she needs me to model her newly arrived thrift items I instantly said YES! haha, I even more loved the fact that from the moment she released the album in her Facebook page all the gals went gaga! haha those girls who got the items are pretty lucky because in thrift shops there's no limited stocks which makes you that one lucky owner of that dress.

Her original plan was actually to buy a manikin for the clothes but she didn't get to buy one so she taught that maybe I can model it for her, good thing all the items are almost sold out! :D

If ever you're interested in one of these dresses, just comment on this post or email me :)

PS: to my bff Sittie, I'll never get tired of modeling for your shop, maybe a cup of iced cold coffee would be enough to set up the mood hahahaha :D


G.Erika said...

Olá amei o blog! Visite o meu e se gostar
segue! Eu retribuirei e seguirei o seu ;)

beijo com carinho

Vallarfax said...

Nice. You're an awesome model.

roviedear said...

cute! <3 me interested :P lol
hey btw thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. really touched :)

CutestPrincess said...

lucky you, she has a nice clothes and i love some of her collection!

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