Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dotted Heart

This is just a quick post on what i wore last Valentines day, didn't wear red for a more sophisticated look so I went for a polka dot top instead. I don't have anymore thing on my mind right now so I guess I'll end it here :D

top also worn here
 Will post more about this shoes I got from Parisian next time :D


Liesl said...

You are simply adorable and I love the polka dots! :)

iamcolorful said...

love love the shoes! how much?

styleforlife said...

Cute blog and photos. Lets follow each other? Want to?
xxxx Emily of EL Vintage

Gelianne Alba said...

hey, thanks for dropping by my blog :)

cute outfit, dear! i'm now your newest follower :)

hope you'd support/follow my blog too. ^_^


iamcolorful said...

heya roxanne, really? for 299? Havent seen that in SM North edsa. :p what mall did u get it. Thanks again for the blog visit :)

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