Friday, December 30, 2011

You can't Break a Happy Habit :)

Before going to Macau, one of my concerns actually was if i will be able to find really good thrift shops there! hahaha. Well of course there are some more important issues aside from that, but thrift hunting would always be my routine! it's like a habit and I can't live without it, haha.

So enough of talking and let's get down to it! I got this top for only 15MOP! haha what a steal, it's actually made from wool so it's pretty perfect for winter. It's short sleeved that's why I needed to add some blazer and that's it! no need to add some statement accessories because the details of the top is just perfect! :)

Wearing: Wool Top: Thrift, Blazer: Gifted, Boots: Thrift, Tights: Red Market

And lastly, aside from my thrifting habit, i also didn't forgot to bring my "jumping skills" here in Macau. Cheers to more and better jump shots for 2012 and yey for my new hair do! Happy New Year lovelies :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Made in China :)

 Went to visit China and it's kinda different to Macau I think. The only thing I loved about it is that they've got so many items that are way too cheaper than the shops in Macau. From trench coats to boots, name it and they've got it!

I actually went home with a new pair of booties, lace tights and some hair accessories. Although I didn't got to buy the stuffs I planned on buying, am still happy with my new pair of booties. It's pretty perfect for my "walkaton" days in Macau.

And also finally made some changes with my hair! I didn't actually planned it that day but I found myself doing it because I like unplanned things and am glad it went well. The result was not that perfect but it wasn't that bad at all. 

PS. To all of my new followers thank you for taking time to follow mine.. I'll try to keep in touch every and then :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Oh Dear! it's Cristmas :)

Merry Christmas everyone. For me Christmas is all about love and thanksgiving. I thanks God for my family, we may not be the richest family but being God as the center of our family is more than enough. I may not have everything I want, but still I am thankful because I know i am loved by my family, friends and most of all our Father Jesus Christ. This may not be the happiest Christmas but I know God had stored something big for each and everyone of us. 

So Father God, THANK YOU! Happy Birthday and I love YOU. :)
Merry Christmas Everyone!

photos taken about a month ago when me and my bff Sittie together with teesai had a coffee date at Bataan's "blue house"..

Got this top some time in February. The first time I saw this top, i actually passed on it because it's a bit pricey from the usual "ukay" price but after 15 minutes of torturing myself on thinking what can I possibly pair with that top I immediately went back to that thrift shop and bought it. Haha has it happened to you?
Wearing: Top: Thrift, Pants and Shoes: c/o Nurse Veth,Accessories: Random
Photo Credits to Bff Sittie, I miss you a lot ;)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

CHRIST-must Christmas ;)

Two more days left and it's Christmas! I just want to share to you guys some photos i grabbed from Tumblr. Maybe Christmas is about having gifts or having a good time but let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas. That Christmas is about celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Let us not put Him out of the picture, instead let us all be THANKFUL for the all the wonderful things that he had given to us.

This are the best clothes we could ever have .
And also let us all whisper a prayer for our country, Philippines. It's the best gift we could ever give to those souls who suffered from typhoon Sendong.

Lastly, this one's for all of you ladies. I hope this one cheered you up :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Choose to Travel :)

If given the chance, I would spend half of life travelling. Who wouldn't want to travel? It's just that whenever I travel, I find enjoyment and happiness. When I see this amazing things on earth, it gives me hope that somehow life has so much to offer that God had set so many wonderful things for us He just just want us to enjoy this amazing gift of life :)

On the other hand, finally got the chance to wear these dress I won from miss Christine the owner of Plethora Shop on their first ever give away. What makes it very special is that it is also my very first time to win a give- away, first prize man! hahaha.. I got two dresses, one feather necklace which I am currently wearing on this photo, 1 pair of feather earrings, 1 feather extension and a cute bracelet.

I am currently obsessed on milk teas from Come Buy " The World tea Shop". Tasted some of it's flavour and I tell you it tastes soo good. You'll just sip and sip into it and the next thing you know it's all empty! haha 
with some of my new found friends pastor Jonathan :)

Wearing: Dress: c/o Plethora Shop, Oxfords: Thrift, Belt: Lhasa, Necklace: Euphoria

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Festivities :)

Who doesn't love festivities! I love it because i get to see a lot of different person in one place. i love staring on their outfits, I love how things amuses me , I just simply love going out actually. Meeting other people is just so fun and enjoying.
yeah you're right we went home with all of those stuff-toys hahaha :) 
with new found friends Emjay, Tukta and Raju.. they are all nice :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big Girls don't cry :)

This would be the very first time that I'll be celebrating Christmas away from my family. I know I would feel incomplete on that day but I also know that my family is completely happy on where I am right now. It has always been my dream to go out of the country. I know my mom's dream is for God to fulfill my dreams so am not gonna disappoint her.

Don't you think I look years younger on this picture? Well I would say it again and again that it has not been my routine to apply make-up, I don't why haha
with my cousin's friend Lyn :)

a picture perfect at Hardrock Macau, finally!
walking the streets of San Malo :)
Wearing: Floral top: Thrift, Jacket: H&M, Shorts: Thrift, Fringe Booties: Thrift

Let's all have a freaki'n fun and blessed December everyone :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Huge Pockets :)

A pocket is a bag- or envelope-like receptacle either fastened to or inserted in an article of clothing to hold small items. Pockets may also be attached to luggage, backpacks, and similar items. In older usage, a pocket was a separate small bag or pouch (source).

Imagine clothes without pockets? weird right? I love pockets, I love huge ones! i love how you can just put everything on it whenever you're in a hurry or disorganized.
This top is even more special because I bought from my bff  Sittie's ukay ukay. She sells second hand clothes all the way down from Riyadh. She sold this for me for only $2 :)
I think I can almost place everything in here :)
Wearing: Top: Thrifted top from Bff's ukay2, Shorts: Thrift, Flats: SoFab! c/o Nurse Veth :)

P.S: it's getting more colder here in Macau, fur jackets come and rescue me! haha

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wine Up ;)

I wish we had more parks and trees like this in the Philippines, it looks so delightful on the eyes right? and the nicest thing in here is that you don't get mosquito bites even though they have lot of trees and plants. (walang dengue, mga teh!) I think it's because it's way too cleaner in here.
 Wearing: Top: Thrift, Sweater underneath: H&M, Denim shorts: Thrift, Wedges: Celine, Belt: Lhasa
I went out alone but then my cousins called me that they are also on they way to the Venetian hotel to watch the car show, and who am I to refused a car show right?
If only I had a lot of money i would definitely go buy these boots, they look so comfy and glittery :)
printed oxfords, a really must buy! am a fan of these shoes ;)

I am all alone during this moment, so i tried my best effort to include myself on the photo, hahaha! :)
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