Sunday, January 29, 2012

that "buy me" stuff :D

One day I was on a local fashion boutique with my friends, our mission is to find some accessories  in there but my friend saw this polka overall. I instantly fell in love with because polka dots would always have a special place in my heart, at first I have no intention of buying it at all because I would buy some accessories but my friend insisted that I should go get it because aside from it's super chic the price is kinda cheap. And so I tried it on, from that moment I knew I have to get it hahaha. So I left the store with this polka dot jumpsuit and promised myself that I'll just buy the accessory next time haha. Has it happened to you? you planned on buying something but ended up buying something else? As for me. it happens all the time, haha

The "lakas makamayaman" look haha :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sunkissed Day :)

This is such a great start for 2012 though the weather is being weird,  i kinda miss the sun! I love the fact that I got to spend a great day on the beach just a week after I got back on my hometown. For this year am hoping to have more escapades and explorations, well I don't have any decent plans yet because sometimes the more you plan things the more it doesn't work out so I guess i just have to enjoy the things I have for now and just be thankful for the better things ahead.
pang munting heredera lang ang peg hahahaha

Wearing: Dress: Thrifted from Macau, Sequined Flats: c/o Nurse Veth, Floppy Hat: Divisoria, Accessories: Random 

So I`ll end this post with my "parang kagigising lang look" (just woke-up look) hahaha.. Someone really needs a make-up tutorial :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

inFURness :)

I never imagined wearing fur can be a reality! haha.. I love fur but our weather here is just not so appropriate for these awesome things. Sometimes, i miss those winter days in Macau, I miss layering and wearing boots without getting weird stares from passerby's. One thing I never regret of bringing in Macau would be my yellow fringe booties, I felt so happy when I saw tons of fringe booties in Macau. I hope more Filipinos would start considering booties on the shoe closets! :)


these photos were taken at Fisherman's Warf  Macau, it's one of those awesome places I've ever been ;)

Wearing: Fur Vest: Gifted, Animal Print Top: Zara, Fringe Booties: Thrift, Accessories: Random

Friday, January 20, 2012

Camaya Coast ;)

Last Saturday, me and my friends went here at Camaya Coast. The beach was such a breath of fresh air, from all the winter breeze from Macau. I never had the chance to go Boracay that's why seeing this place is just special to me. The water looks crystal clear with it's white sand! I hope to have more  travels locally this year, one more place am craving to visit would be Corregidor. The thing is it's within Bataan and it's just 2-3 hours away from home, maybe that's the reason why I kinda overlook awesome places in Bataan. Am thingking that I can always have the chance to come visit it.

 the not so presentable beach foot haha

Can't wait to share more photos from this trip, am still working with some of my backlog photos from Macau but hopefully I can share it all to you pretty soon! :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Significant Photographs :)

I had so many fun memories in Macau, from the first bus I rode up to the last thrifted dress I bought! it was one of the most fashionable places I have ever been. 

This two people made my stay in Macau so fun, I owe them all of my pictures. I can`t imagine leaving this amazing place without having a photograph. My fingers are crossed to more travels fro the year 2012 :) 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Walk Walk Walk ;)

These are one of those winter days in Macau, you can look at these as a pre-trial to more walks and gif photos for 2012.. am trying to be serious as much as possible but i just can`t help not to laugh about myself hahaha
PS: I don`t know why the photos became blurry, please feel free to suggest better sites for gif photos :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Embracing Winter :)

Am still working with some of my backlog photos from Macau. One thing I`ll miss the most would be the cold weather! i miss going out with layers and layers on, i miss seeing endless booties, chunky  scarves, cozy coats and sweaters, furs and wools  and not to forget come buy milk teas! :)

I really enjoyed my stay in Macau, I`ll be forever grateful for having the chance to visit  it. I`m hoping to have more travels for the coming days, months and years :)

Wearing: Dress-Long sleeves-Scarf : Thrift, Boot: from China, tights: red market 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Who wants to see a Panda?

I never thought I would get to see a real panda in Macau, they are super cute and huggable in person! I`ve learned that the black hairs surrounding its eyes make them look bigger so as to scare away other animals. Giant Pandas take their exercise in the early morning and at dusk; they have their lowest activity rate in the afternoon when they like to sleep. Every day Giant Pandas spend about 10-12 hours eating, 8-9 hours sleeping, and 2-3 hours playing, climbing and grooming.

 The Central People's Government confers a pair of giant pandas to the Macao SAR for celebrating the 10th anniversary of Macao’s reunification with the Motherland.

but of course I won`t leave without having a jump shot, am trying to post more jump shots for the year 2012, haha. Am going back to work this week so I guess I`ll be a bit busy than the usual but I would try to share more photos  tomorrow or maybe the next day :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Memorabilias :)

These are some stuffs I got from Macau, the thrift shops there are crazy! everything was just around the floor and it's all up to you how you can dig the gems in it. It's also a bit hard because i can't understand some of the things they say in Cantonese so I memorized numbers so i can bargain with them, and I did pretty good! all of these clothes and the shoes only ranges for 5-25MOP! haha am a thrift diva :)


love these two shoes, the yellow wedge was only 15MOP and the black loafers for only 25MOP! lucky me :)
and lastly, these are babies I got from Macau food fest.. I love seeing them whenever i wake up. Too bad I can't bring them all back in the Philippines, but I'll bring  "Caleb" with me, the one with bubbles tassel necklace, haha :)
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