Saturday, March 31, 2012

Matching Fringe

This outfit is extra special because I get to wear my two favorite stuff at the same time. I read from an article that:  "If you want the item to really pop out, pair it with something solid colored. Like if you want people to immediately notice a pair of red gladiator high heel shoes, wear a black dress or jumpsuit" in which I did with this outfit, I love yellow because the color looks so bubbly but not too over the top at the same time.
if I were to major a pose it would definitely be killer jump-shots! haha
Wearing: Sequined Top: Freeway, Necklace: Bubbles, Stockings: from Macau, Bag and Booties: Thrift

these shoes is actually my favorite because it's really unique among the others, too bad I think "she" needs some check up before she bid goodbyes.

Photos by: Teesai (hugs to you girlfriend!)

PS.  Dear God, please guide my cousin on his way to Your kingdom, thank you for giving us the opportunity to spend time with him.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Stop

So here's my first OTD post on Baguio, I must say I really enjoyed my stay there. Though the weather is cold, the people are so warm. You can really feel the hospitality of the Filipinos!
First and second photo taken at  "Cordillera World" just beside Mines View.

Wearing: Tank top and Animal Printed Top( also worn here): Thrift, Stockings and Shoes: from Macau, Satchel: Thrift, Accessories: Robinson Dept. Store

am soo lovin this photo with bff Sittie :D
Third and Fourth photo taken at SM Baguio,

Fifth and Sixth photo taken at "Burnham Park"
the hair huh! haha
and the last two photos taken at  "Mines View"
Photos by: Teesai :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012


After long years, finally visited Baguio once again. Baguio City is approximately 250 kilometers north of Manila, situated in the Province of Benguet. If I were to describe Baguio in 3 things, it would be: pine trees, crisp cold breezes and lovely Igorot's. It actually reminded me of Macau, because it's one of the most cleanest and greenest place in our country.

And of course what's Baguio without this Igorot Costumes? we had soo much fun taking this photos. Can't wait to share more of our adventures :)

meet my very good friend Teesai, she's the one who took most of OTD post :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Call Me Old Fashion

So here's the thing: Call me old fashion, but I actually take relationships seriously.

Wearing: Dress: Thrift, Shoes from cousin, Necklace: from Mom

scored this thrifted dress for 1$ ( evil laugh, bwahaha)

see those little cactus? isn't it cute? :)

Attempted for a jump shot, but no luck for today, so here's the "just landed" photo hahaha

Monday, March 19, 2012

One of those days

These is one of those days in which I admit I ate a lot haha. How can you not eat when you're always surrounded with these yummy things in life?

Spent weekend with my cousins, tito and tita :)

some people say we're like sisters, but the thing is I'm much younger and prettier right? hahahahahaha

one big factor why I gained almost two kilos: Pizza!
If there's one thing I missed about Macau, it would be Come Buy Milk Tea's. Tried Infinitea, here and it's not bad.

what's with this picture? just trying my "emote" skills here haha

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nothing last Forever

Nothing lasts forever, so enjoy everything while it's happening... cherish every moment of everything you love. 

got this electric pleated skirt  on ukay sale! matched with dress worn as top :) 

love this photo of mine, thanks tripod! :)

I think you've met Archiel before?  He's one of my best buddies :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


When was the last time you went cam-whoring with your friends? crazy right? (yung tipong nauubusan ka ng pose sa dami ng shots! hahaha)

Real friends are not those who make you feel happy, but those who make you feel comfortable. Years from now, I would love to go back on these days and see how i had so much fun with people I cherish the most :)

There is a difference between living and existing. Without this people, i am simply existing. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pretty Normal

Whenever I go out dressed up, people often asked me: "Saan ang Party" (Where's the party?) or the " saan ang lakad" question and I would always say that there's nothing special, just my normal look! hahaha
And I guess they're getting pretty used to it. Dressing up isn't a crime at all, hiding you're true personality is :)

Wearing: Lace top: thrift, Jumpsuit worn as pants: Thrift, Oxfords: Parisian, Bag: Thrift
NecklaceBubbles (c/o bff Sittie)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Night Out

Here'a what I wore lat week when I went out with my college friends. I seldom go out at night actually, so this one's pretty fun. Seeing old friends is just a different kind of feeling, specially when you share the friendship with such genuine people :) 

Wearing: Romper: H&M ( from Bff's thrift shop), Shoes: Celine, Bag: Thrift, Necklace: Bubbles c/o Bff Sittie
yey for the Coldplay portrait :)
that guy singing is actually one of my friends, we're a bit surprised that he's ready for a song number hahaha
meet Jora, Dominic and my bff Sittie :)

I missed all of them, college wouldn't be great without them :)
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