Friday, September 28, 2012

Work Loads

This week had been busy for me. Our new project had just started and i had to stay on the construction site to do some monitoring and documentation which include overtimes. But am not complaining, my superiors are all supportive and nice to me. But I do admit that i still have to learn sooo many things about construction, but for now I could say that am learning. 

Btw took these photos last weekend. When I saw these red and black Volkswagen i knew I had to take a picture with "him". Mr. Patterson looks oh so awesome don't you think?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mrs. Black

Today I'll be Mrs. Black. Mrs. Black with killer platforms. :D
I love this look actually, nothing could really go wrong with a nice pair of shoes.

Wearing: top: H&M, Tights: ?, Platform: Thrift

This platforms has a story, I'll tell you soon :D

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Print X Print

Been seeing a lot of print x print trend lately and am telling you when it comes to trends, am a late bloomer actually. haha. I believe that not everyone has the confidence to don statement prints, and not everyone can pull it off like a pro that's why I opted to wear something "not too over the top".

I missed painting my nails :D

Wearing: Top: Thrift, also worn here, Skirt: thrift, Wedges: c/o Cousin Dahlia

I love this electric pleated skirt, i just love how it sways whenever i move and don't you just love the color?

So what do you think on this look? YAY or NAY? :D

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I don't care if you're tall, short, thin, fat, indie, dorky, handsome or not. If i like you, i like you.
Just like this floral dress, from the moment I saw "her" i knew she'd be likable :)

Wearing: Floral Dress; Thrift, Tights: Macau, Wedge: Thrift

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I think I've spotted Camille Co at the Mall, she's tall pala in person, haha. 
Fashion bloggers has considerable impact on the way ordinary people clothe and present themselves maybe that's the reason why fashion bloggers nowadays are so marketable. The blogosphere has indeed opened up many doors for the fashion industry, which allows ordinary people to follow and oversee these fast-paced trends.
this is not a sinasadyang gaya gaya pose, it was late when I realized that it was also the same pose like Camille. haha
Maybe one day, I'll be able to meet her in person. I mean the true Camille :)
Wearing: Top: Tomato, Pants: Mint, Shoes: Thrift

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Photo Bomb

Photo bombing:

The fine art of ruining other people's photos. Usually by running in the background or making a silly face in the background. It's usually done to strangers.

Well in my case he's never a stranger. He's my cousin Deo, he use to photo bomb me every time I try to take some outfit photos for my blog. I find it funny actually, it's hilarious haha. How about you? Does your friends or relatives attempt to photo bomb you ? :)
Wearing: Top and Shorts: Thrift, Flats: Solemate, Bag: c/o cousin Dahlia, Accessories: Random

got this top from ukay Baguio, am diggin' the different floral prints on it.

my favorite combo: mustard and cobalt :)

ansabe ng top ko: I belong! haha

Photos by Cousin Dahlia :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rain or Shine

So here's my delayed post about my one day trip to Baguio last last Monday, it was raining cats and dogs actually but there's no stopping us, haha. The main purpose was to visit some relatives in Pangasinan (my mom's hometown) and then go straight up to Baguio to stroll around and visit some long lost relatives.

choosing to wear my jelly flats was one of the smartest move I made I guess :D

some catching up moments with our two cousins, the one wearing varsity jacket and the one wearing button down polo. Gosh, I even forgot their names! haha

Till next time Baguio!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Color Burst

Okay I lied, this post has nothing to do with Baguio. haha, I was busy editing the photos for my 3rd set of closet sale that's why i didn't get the chance to edit my photos from our Baguio trip. 
And so today am taking you to a detour! this photos was actually taken last last week when me and my cousins went to SM Pampanga/ Robinson's Pampanga. It's actually one of my favorite mall simply because it's the closest from Bataan. 

am so in love with this top actually, I love the color burst. Am pretty excited to wear it on beach and use it as a cover up! What do you think?
Wearing: Top and Shorts: Thrift, Sandals: Celine, Bag: from Macau, Necklacce: Robinsons Dept. Store 
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