Sunday, July 31, 2011

out of the country ;)

When I put these boots on, suddenly I felt like I'm out of the country, haha.. Because living in a tropical country we are required to wear "less" as much as possible because of the pricking heat.. even on shoes, I often get to see pinays wearing boots.. but it's been raining here for weeks now so I guess wearing these boots on would be justifiable..

Happy August everyone ;) 

Wearing: Top, High waist shorts, bag and boots: Thrifted, Accessories: Random

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Florals, dots and pearls ;)

Now I can say that I'm a lot better. Months before I feel really awful about myself, I felt really dissapointed for letting other people hurt and betray me.. there are still those moments of reminiscing but I don;t feel the pain no more. Well I guess that's life, people come and go. 

I  don't regret anything from the past because those experiences taught me a lot of things.

Wearing: Floral printed Top: Thrift, Pierro Gaudi Bag: Thrift, Scarf worn as headband: Thrift, Boots: c/o Fairy god Nurse Eunice ;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

II. Sinful Cravings: Hat Attack!

Latest Cravings: Hat, Hat, Hat, and more HATS ;)
black contrast bow beret

black faux fur bow detail earmuffs

black peaked knit beanie

natural wide brim boater

Navy trim small curved straw

All photos courtesy of Top Shop

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I would never give up on you ;)

I would never, ever in my life give up thrifting! For me it' s one of the most happiest fashionable place on earth, seriously, hahaha..

1. It never fails to amuse and surprise me with the stuffs i  find in it.

2. It's 99% budget friendly, hihi.. Honestly I don't go buy newly arrived items because it's a bit more pricey that he usual "thrift" price.

3. The items are very much up to date! I swear you'll be very surprised to see classic styles like florals, polka dots, stripes and animal printed clothes all over the place!

I'm just too happy with this top I scored for only $1 ( cheap right?? I also have a nice lace dress, a black high waist shorts bought for the same price and will post it soon! ) Now you know why I just cannot contain my happiness, hihi

I hope I did inspire you with one of my thrifty story ;)
And if you haven't tried thrifting, i think you already missed half of your fashionable life!! hahaha
Happy Thrifting ;)

Wearing: Animal printed top: Thrift, Bag: Thrift, Accessories; Random, Shoes: Parisian Jr, Tights: Gifted

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sinful Cravings Part 1 ;)

I know it's sinful to be materialistic, but then how you resist not to what this things?? There are just freakin' awesome.. One day I dream of waking up with this shoes.. who knows I might marry some filthy rich man who'll give me pretty little awesome shoes like this.. hihi

all photos courtesy of Top Shop

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shoulder Details ;)

I don`t intend to collect black tops and dresses but then it seems like black kinda dominates my closet especially I just cannot resist this LBD which had a yellow embroidery on the shoulders.. What I love about shoulder pads is that it creates a n illusion of having broader and less sloping shoulders..

When i first saw it, i thought of Lady Gaga and all that massive shoulder pads.. But I`d like make things clear here: I am never a fan of Lady Gaga, seriously I`m not..

Ribbons never fails to complete any girly outfit, agree?? ;)

One last thing, i bought this LBD on a super "ukay" (thrift) sale!!! scored it for only P25.00, roughly $0.75 hahaha ;)

Wearing: LBD: thrift, Wedge: c/o veth ;) , Necklace: c/o Mom, Bag: Gifted

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Timeless Classic :)

I think BLACK would always be eternal..  Black is popular because it will save you whenever you're faced with a fashion dilemma.. Say for example, You're going to a happening nightclub and your friends are picking you up in 5 minutes. Which shirt are you going to wear? That's right; your nice black dress/shirt because it's slick, and matches everything else in your wardrobe. Black is basically the only color that can be coordinated with every other color, for a flawless look. From the Gothic look to the Wall Street power look, black has always been a very dominant and versatile color, and it will remain a force in the fashion industry.

If there's one thing that I don't know how to do.. it would be applying make-up.. hihi, sorry if i look pale.. ;)

Wearing: knitted top: night market, DIY trouser cut-offs, shoes: mendrez, Pearl necklace: borrowed from mom, Ring: from Bff Sittie :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dots and Beads ;)

If there's one thing that I am thankful for being a girl it would be we girls have more variety when it comes to types of clothes. We girls have tons of designs and styles to choose from unlike for men who have limited options. Today, I decided to wear something girly and flirty, hihi.. This polka dot top means a lot to me because it`s my very first polka dot thrifted item, when I first saw it I knew right then that it would bring joy to my closet (haha). 

At last I finally gave this shoes and bag there moments to shine ;)
(my feet looks tensed !! haha)

Bought this bag 2 years ago, when I was still reviewing for the nursing licensure exam ;)

Wearing: Thrifted top, skirt and shoes, Bag: Kulturang Pinoy, Accessories: Random

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Five Birthday Wishes ;)

Happy Birthday to me!!! 

If I had a genie and would be granted with 5 Wishes.. It would be:

1. Bundle of blessings for my family.
2. A more stable job.
3. True Happiness :)
4. A room full of clothes and shoes (which every girl wishes for)
5. That every reader would be kind enough to follow/link my blog to them.. and if you already are, thank you so much.. it`s such a wonderful gift :)

That's all for now, let's all have a great week everyone ;)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I’m no beauty queen I’m just beautiful me

Years from now I know I have to say goodbye to some of my dresses. Dresses that won`t fir me anymore. Actually it is fun cleaning up closets because you get to see super old clothes an some forgotten stuffs you don`t even realize having until you see it hidden in some corner. Maybe I do have more than enough clothes, but it doesn`t mean that I`m rich because honestly I cannot afford pricey clothes and stuffs. Thanks to thrift shops, it makes my `Small Frequent Dressing` a bit more realistic. It feeds my soul and simply dressing up makes me feel beautiful inside and out. ;)

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Albert Einstein

Wearing: Thrifted dress, Shoes: Mendrez, Bag: Gifted, Accessories: SM Dept. Store, Ring: DIY
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