Saturday, September 8, 2012

Photo Bomb

Photo bombing:

The fine art of ruining other people's photos. Usually by running in the background or making a silly face in the background. It's usually done to strangers.

Well in my case he's never a stranger. He's my cousin Deo, he use to photo bomb me every time I try to take some outfit photos for my blog. I find it funny actually, it's hilarious haha. How about you? Does your friends or relatives attempt to photo bomb you ? :)
Wearing: Top and Shorts: Thrift, Flats: Solemate, Bag: c/o cousin Dahlia, Accessories: Random

got this top from ukay Baguio, am diggin' the different floral prints on it.

my favorite combo: mustard and cobalt :)

ansabe ng top ko: I belong! haha

Photos by Cousin Dahlia :)


Astrid Camat said...

Love the combination! :)

Jen and Jasmine said...

love this whole outfit!<3

tao.owl said...

Love the color combo and your cousin is hilarious!

Vergil Lloyd Chua said...

Lakas maka photo bomb ni manong lol! nice outfit though.


Itin Bique Calvo said...

haha you might as well give him a revenge. photo bomb him back in his own fashion pictorial in purontongs. lol

CJ said...

I like the top + skirt combination!



Chyrel Gomez said...

I'm okay if it's a friend like a close one but if I don't know them, I beat the hell out of them. Hahaha!

Love the shorts.

ishna said...

I love the whole outfit put together! The top is so unique, one of the reasons why ukayukay is the best!!

My brother used to ruin my photos haha! But you know, brothers are meant to be like that. I'm glad he got over it already.

CutestPrincess said...

haha, kulay ng cousin mo!

Anyway, I'm inviting you to my Pink Fashion Grand Launch
Hope to see you there on September 20!

It’s a GIRL Thing

danielle said...

hahaha. i'm majorly guilty of photobombing my friends. it's my signature move. but i can't stand it when people photobomb my outfit pics.

Gaby de Modacapital said...

such a great outfit, love the necklace! :)
Big kiss from México city!

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