Thursday, March 8, 2012

Night Out

Here'a what I wore lat week when I went out with my college friends. I seldom go out at night actually, so this one's pretty fun. Seeing old friends is just a different kind of feeling, specially when you share the friendship with such genuine people :) 

Wearing: Romper: H&M ( from Bff's thrift shop), Shoes: Celine, Bag: Thrift, Necklace: Bubbles c/o Bff Sittie
yey for the Coldplay portrait :)
that guy singing is actually one of my friends, we're a bit surprised that he's ready for a song number hahaha
meet Jora, Dominic and my bff Sittie :)

I missed all of them, college wouldn't be great without them :)


Anonymous said...

aw looks like a fun time, i want your necklace. i love your blog, im definitely following now. thanks for stopping by mine, keep in touch xx

violetheart xxoo

JC Mercado said...

loving the dress! you look like you enjoyed the night so much! very very nice!!


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