Sunday, December 25, 2011

Oh Dear! it's Cristmas :)

Merry Christmas everyone. For me Christmas is all about love and thanksgiving. I thanks God for my family, we may not be the richest family but being God as the center of our family is more than enough. I may not have everything I want, but still I am thankful because I know i am loved by my family, friends and most of all our Father Jesus Christ. This may not be the happiest Christmas but I know God had stored something big for each and everyone of us. 

So Father God, THANK YOU! Happy Birthday and I love YOU. :)
Merry Christmas Everyone!

photos taken about a month ago when me and my bff Sittie together with teesai had a coffee date at Bataan's "blue house"..

Got this top some time in February. The first time I saw this top, i actually passed on it because it's a bit pricey from the usual "ukay" price but after 15 minutes of torturing myself on thinking what can I possibly pair with that top I immediately went back to that thrift shop and bought it. Haha has it happened to you?
Wearing: Top: Thrift, Pants and Shoes: c/o Nurse Veth,Accessories: Random
Photo Credits to Bff Sittie, I miss you a lot ;)


Mary said...

nice belt!

Monica Kosasih said...

simple yet chic outfit,merry christmas dear :D

roanjean said...

Hello Roxanne! Thanks for the message. :) That's the coffee house that Denise Katipunera frequents to, no?

Irene Buffa said...

thank u so much for the sweet comment my dear!
for sure i follow u!
u look lovely here:D

dont forget to join the CHANEL GIVEAWAY


Eden said...

glad you didn't pass up on the blouse with pailettes, because it's lovely! very prada-esque ung details. you look fantastic, love.

hope you had a great christmas!


Mara Feliz said...

That outfit is so cute! You look lovely :)

Cute blog! Kisses! xxx

Hailey said...

That look is awsome!
I would like to be where you are, the sun is shining so brightly!<3
Feel free to check out my blog:

Wida said...

Very cute shoes ^_^

Missing Amsie Blog

Valencia Maximillian said...

Cute blue outfit! :D Merry Christmas dear!

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