Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big Girls don't cry :)

This would be the very first time that I'll be celebrating Christmas away from my family. I know I would feel incomplete on that day but I also know that my family is completely happy on where I am right now. It has always been my dream to go out of the country. I know my mom's dream is for God to fulfill my dreams so am not gonna disappoint her.

Don't you think I look years younger on this picture? Well I would say it again and again that it has not been my routine to apply make-up, I don't why haha
with my cousin's friend Lyn :)

a picture perfect at Hardrock Macau, finally!
walking the streets of San Malo :)
Wearing: Floral top: Thrift, Jacket: H&M, Shorts: Thrift, Fringe Booties: Thrift

Let's all have a freaki'n fun and blessed December everyone :)


Macherie said...

The shoes has been the center of attention here, its what I call a look at me shoes. Are those suede, hopefully it does not rain.

Miss Macherie

Noelle Chantal said...

Love the fringe shoes you are wearing! And I hope you are doing great, its kinda sad not spending Christmas with your fam, but its ok, atleast they are happy for you :) I miss Macau, great pics! :)

CMA said...

awesome! loving your blog, so keep it up and i'll be back!


klepi said...

last photo is great!

Vergil Chua said...

Thank you for visiting my site! :)
BTW, I love your shoes here! I know you had so much fun travelling in Macau.
Followed your blog now. Hope you'd follow mine :)


Gemma-Louise said...

That tree is so pretty xo

Lidiya said...

Lovely photos, I love the Christmas decorations)

jamie said...

sure! id love for us to follow each other :) happily following! and thank you for the nice comment you left for me! ahhh i love christmas! i love your photo collection here :)

love, jamie

biang said...

It's always hard spending the holidays without the family. I think I might be experiencing that in the next year and I'm already having separation anxiety.haha

Lovely photos roxanne :D

andaemond said...

great outfit :D
looks really fun there
i'm following, mind to visit or follow me back ?

Mary said...

What a sweet post. I don't know what I would do if I didn't spend Christmas with my family. Of course I usually leave during the day, but I live for spending dinner with them on Christmas eve. Ahhh, Christmas is almost here! I can't wait.

Xoxo, Mary from ♥ ♥

P.s that purple Tree, I love it! and you look very nice.

Chyrel Gomez said...

Oh, I really love that shoes of yours.

Stevia said...

Love your moccasin boots :)
Hopefully your Xmas will fun altho wi/o your fan!


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