Thursday, December 1, 2011

The 11th Macau Food Festival :)

 Wearing: Mustard top: Thrift, Cardigan: Thrift, Oxfords: Thrift, Scarf: gifted :)
P.S: I went back during the last day of this event and I got home 3 more babies with me haha:)


itsNikki said...

Thought that maybe I could drop by your blog to check it out and thank God that I did. Great posts and interesting photos you have. Hope you can visit mine as well. Have a great day! xo

Fashion blogger

Chyrel Gomez said...

Cute photos and glad to know you're enjoying Macau. I wanted to try bungee jumping there but I've never traveled internationally, yet. Will you? XD

Chyrel Gomez said...

I would have wanted to visit Macau and try bungee jumping. Have you ever thought of taking the plunge? :D

Roxanne said...

@Chyrel: yes I am enjoying my stay here, knowing that the macau tower is the world's highest bungy already frightens me.. i don't if I'll be able give it a shot :)

Sumi Go said...

Love the photos and glad you're having a great time at Macau! :) Your new plushies are so cute too.. ^^

PhenomenalAbby said...

hey thanks for dropping by my blog :) i followed ur blog..

i really like ur outfit in this photo :) :)

Sakuranko said...

All the pictures are cool, looks like a lot of fun. God Bless you. Nice blog!

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Jen Umm said...

this is incred, love the photos
Great post, thanks for sharing!

if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
let me know!

Megann Jabola said...

I love food fests, food markets, and anything that celebrates food!! This looks like a lot of fun! :)

♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

Christeen said...

Nice blog, Macau seems to be a very nice place hope I can visit it soon and like you meet new friends --we can be friends too :) thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment <3 Just followed you :) you can follow back by chance.

Macherie said...

Hi Roxanne,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have followed you as well! I miss the egg tarts of Macau, I seem to never find the same consistency here in Pinas. And their pork suckling version, is literally out of this world.


Bonnie said...

I just love food festivals! I always end up eating too much, but I have a great time.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Carla Violet said...

omigosh you're here, in Macau! i was at the food festival too, not really sure which date was it but ooh well... seems you're having a lotta of fun here! stay safe!

Valencia Maximillian said...

cute! u seems had lots of fun there :D
thanks for visiting my blog! i followed ur blog, but smth wrong with google friend connect, cannot see my self as your follower :(
so i also followed u on blog lovin! mind to follow me back dear?


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