Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Top Marques Macau

I am very privileged to have witnessed Top Marques Macau: The world's most luxurious cars and brands showcased in Macau at the first ever Top Marques Macau with live drive test track

Macau displayed the world's most exclusive supercars and luxury products at the first ever Top Marques Macau, the only live supercar show in the world. The event took place from 24 to 27 November, 2011, at The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel.

Along with the star-studded line-up of pioneering super and luxury cars, Top Marques Macau also featured Top Marques Watches, and an exclusive Jewel Gala with remarkable, limited edition, timepieces and jewelry.
look how that man stared on my hand, as if I'm gonna do something to that car,  "dude, am pretty harmless" hahaha
She's the most prettiest among the models :)

pose as if you own it, haha

Wearing: Sheer Top: Tomato, Tank Top: Thrift, Boy Shorts: Thrift, Oxfords: Thrift, Socks: From a random market

So what's you're pick? mine would be the white Bugatti and the red Pagani, and not to forget the vintage 482 HYR :)


The Perpetrator said...

woah awesome cars! you look great with the lime one :)

hope you could drop by and join the perpetrator blog giveaway!

Eunica said...

love your shoes, dear! ;)

Chyrel Gomez said...

love your shorts, roxanne! :)

biang said...

hey! thanks for dropping by my blog. It's nice to meet fellow bloggers like you in the Phils. And, you're a nurse too!

I love your shoes here btw. Followed you! :D

Elouise "Elle" Cunanan said...

OMG! You lucky girl! I wanna go there too! haha
I love cars and so much fascinated with it! Vintage, luxury cars, YOU NAME IT! hahaha ♥ Especially love that vintage car! (and your outfit TOO!)

Yan Maling said...

Great look! Where do you usually shop? :D

farjah said...
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farjah said...
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farjah said...

I love the way you post on the Rolls Royce you look like 20s not kidding, feel free to visit soon.

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