Sunday, November 27, 2011

Macau Invasion ;)

I'm lovin Macau soo much! i love all the scenery and structures in here and most especially i love  winter! you can already feel Christmas coming. What I love the most is the sense of fashion they have in here, i love seeing people passing by with those scarves and fringe booties! I feel bad because I don't have my whole closet in here that's why i only have few pieces to mix and match.

I think what i have to do is to find thrift stores in here and buy some few jackets, sweaters and boots! haha. I love branded stores but thrift shops has the biggest part of my heart.. hahahahahaha :)

Wearing: Sweater: H&M, High- waist shorts: thrift, Tights: gifted, Oxfords: thrift, Scarf: Gifted :)

I am always blown away whenever I see fountains! and this one in front of Wynn is so captivating, it sways to the tune of a ballad music. I've heard that it"s even more beautiful at night because it has it's lights on :)

Lets all have a fun fabulous week everyone :)


ching said...

you are looking great in Macau!

Chyrel Gomez said...

stylish traveler!

Sumi Go said...

Loving your outfit and the location! :)

lhamo Mashutzo said...

love the fresh photographs..

Wonder Woman said...

I would love to go to Macau one day!

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