Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Roadtrip I

Don't you just love looking at your old photos??? it brings you back to those old times and memories. I know someday I'll thank myself for choosing "blogging".. it's like making your own diary step by step, the only difference is with blogging you get to share your thoughts and photographs worldwide.

I can imagine myself smiling at my old photographs years from now, sure I would feel unexplainable happiness on how I enjoyed dressing up when I was still this young! 

To all the bloggers out there let us continue to explore the magical world of Fashion Blogging :)

PS. I really enjoyed making this collage, i think I'll be doing this every once in while.. haha


Ellen H. said...

Your photos are adorable!


Eden said...

gotta love your hair accessories, babe! the hat and the headbands, really cute:)

Hope you check out my giveaway btw!


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Mongs said...

You're young, pretty and fabulous. I wish I could have started blogging at this age. Now that I'm at this ripe old age, there isn't really much time left..haha..nice pictures, I like the outfits.


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