Saturday, November 12, 2011

Till Next Time :)

I hate goodbyes, so I'll say "till next time".. i enjoyed being a nurse because of  you guys, because of these people i have learned a lot of things.. most of all I felt genuine happiness whenever we'r all together.. but i know it's not the end yet.. we'll see each other soon :)   

To Nurse Archiel: you have put soo much color in my life,
to Nurse Veth: I felt I had an older sister because of you, thank you for your kindness,
to my bff Sittie: you know how much  I love you, i would never ask a better bff rather than you..
to Nurse Gay: I have always considered you as one of my true friends.
to Nurse Dimple: you are such a good person, thanks you for all the laughter and fun!!

and to my readers, thanks you for all your support, I'll give you all the details to this drama soon, hihi


Chyrel Gomez said...

fun photos! :)

AestheticJungle said...

gorgeous photos, now following your lovely blog :)

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