Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brother Love :D

 Introducing one of my family members. I think I kinda introduced my two brothers here . He's my younger brother, if you think that he's some sort of a member of a band or something then you're right! he's a drummer actually and I think he's really good at it. Our bonding moments would be watching ETC, (gossip girl, new girl and TMZ) and malling. Maybe if I we're a boy we would have the same taste on fashion :D

And one more thing on common: We love Tokyo Tokyo! i love this potato balls, it's very crispy on the outside yet so creamy and soft in the inside, yumyum!

It's almost Friday, am looking forward to have some fun with my friends :D


lhamo Mashutzo said...

an artist brother wow,,
i sooo want to try the crispy potato balls sooo bad..
that is the kimbab in the second photograph?

Liesl said...

Loving that food...what a yummy variety! Love that you love TMZ...that is one of my sisters and mother's guilty pleasures! :) Cute blog!

Liesl :)

JC Mercado said...

super love tokyo too! and the potato balls are yummilicious eveer.


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