Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spread the Love :)

Few hours from now, most of us would be celebrating Valentines Day, am sure most of you have their own respective dates tomorrow and for the coming days. Well as for me, I don't have one because both of us had to go to work and we are in two different places right now. Maybe I'll just go out with my girlfriends just like what I did last year

But if i were to describe my 'love-life" I would let this outfit be an example, because right now it's kinda "colorful" (or you can call it makulay in tagalog) it's vibrant and it's a happy one. You get what am saying? Geez, I miss him a lot, I miss him big time! 

So to all the lovers/couples/friends out there, Happy Valentines! Spread the love :D


ROXY said...

I love the top :> For sure he'll make it up to you :D Happy Valentine's Day <3

Pretty/Ugly said...

It's so vibrant! I love it. Happy Valentine's Day. :)

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