Friday, February 8, 2013

Exceptional Dot

I don't know how many polka dot stuffs I own in my closet right now. But this one is kinda special, because it was from Mom. It's actually thrifted by mom! cool ei??

I love the fact that Mom knows my personal style, she even consults me on what to wear on special occasions. That's how we bond, how about you? how do yo bond with your Mom? I'd love to know :D

Wearing: Top-Shorts-Platforms: Thrift, Bag: from Mom

P.S. Been over using this red platforms, please don't get used to her :D


SunnyToast said...

Polka polka everywhere:) just looks lovely to you.

Me and mom don"t talk about fashion or personally style but rather I will ask her questions like how it was when she was young...hahaha..I ask alot of questions that often mom would stop talking...hahaha!

But she is my fashion idol. in my younger days mom will always make sure to buy a good quality dress that would last through the year and I guess i learned it from buy clothes that are really for kept:)

Mary M. said...

I love you tee and those tangerine shoes!

Have a lovely weekend,
Mary x

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