Friday, July 19, 2013

Weird as This

How weird can you get when it comes to choosing your own style? Well as for me I can be weird just like this light green tights. I remember when I asked my boyfriend before what she loved about me, he said that he loves my simplicity, but in the back of my mind, I was like, simplicity? Seriously? hahaha because back when we were just friends he often sees me wearing plain tops, jeans and flats. But now he already knows that when it comes to dressing up am very particular in choosing my clothes, I even said to him that I don't wear baduy stuffs, that's why he often asks me if he looks good with his shirts and shoes, maybe he's afraid I'll quote him as baduy. :)

Anyhooo if we would go on a date, I'll definitely won't wear something like this, I think this is just too weird for him to handle, haha

Btw thank you bff Sittie for this tights all the way from Singapore, it's simply extraordinary. :)

Missed wearing this thrifted creepers. So what do think with this outfit? Yey or Nay? :)


Em said...

its not weird. It's style :)
and sometimes.. trip2 lng. lol

Christeen Cereno said...

Not that wierd at all :) you look so cute and it goes with the personality.

Roxanne said...

@Em: exactly minsan talaga trip2 lang haha

@Christeen: aww, youre so sweet, thanks babe :)

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