Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Fab Celebration :)

So as I mentioned on my previuos post, I celebrated my birthday last 4th of July. I was not soo excited about it actually because the main man is miles away from me but the thing is I cannot postpone my birthday celebration, and the best way to celebrate it is to invite my bestest friends over just like the old times. 

I had a blast actually, I never thought of any surprises from them because each if us is busy in all sort of things. My bff Sittie arrived with my good friend Teesai holding a cake with my 24 minions pinned on it. The cake was soo special, I felt like crying actually because of the amount of effort they have put just to make me feel special on that day. You can see the cake below and you'll be the the judge, am pretty sure you'll love it too :) 



Taddda! Introducing my epic cake with my 24 pictures on it. Effort kung effort sa pag cut-out dava? They even told me that all of there office mates knew me know because all of my pictures are all over the place while they are doing this. So to Sittie and Teesai thank you sooooo much, you made me the happiest girl :)

My friends are cam whore like me soo please excuse us for the photo overload. 

Rampa mode with Archiel :)
Pacutiemode with Dimple

With my ultimate kachikahan Ate Veth :)

The brainchild Teesai :)

With my Bff Sittie, she even gave me a two piece swimsuit, she knew me that well.  So watch outfor that hihi

Aspiring "Mga Basang Sisiw" cast haha

So to all the good friends and celebrants out there, high five to all of you. :)


Shayne said...

omg great idea on the cake :) i will do that nga hahaha. belated happy birthday <3

Carmella said...

Cool cake design.. You have a great friends.. =)

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