Friday, June 3, 2011

Flashback: Jet Set January :)

These are some photos taken last January when I was still on tumblr. You see I don't have a lot of shoes to offer to you guys but one thing I promised to myself is that I'll try to invest more shoes as soon as possible.. (hopefully, haha)

Top: both from my bff's garage sale
leggings: from baguio
denim: thriftred (DIY)
shoes: liberte
bag: thrifted (perry ellis sling bag)
accessories: random


dred said...

hi roxanne! yeah i would love to exchange links. already added you to my blogroll. I'm a new follower too.:)

love ur mustard tunic! :)

roxannelimpante said...

@miss dred
thank you so much, like you most of my items are thrifted. your "ukay" finds are truly fabulous..
again thank you ;)

Eden said...

hi roxanne,

yes, shoes are a must! i don't earn one million pesos or anything, not even close to it, but i resolve to starve for the sake of having more pretty things to stare at my shoe cabinet. your feet will love you for it!

btw---those cobalt blue flats. i must have them in my life!

come visit/follow me?


roxannelimpante said...

thank you for the compliment. yes i would love to visit your blog and also I'm very much interested on exchanging links :)

done adding your link :)

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