Sunday, June 12, 2011

Be Thankful :)

We all in need a lot of things, faith in God, a loving family, best-est friends, genuine happiness, a soaring career, a close to perfect companion, and a room full of dresses and shoes.. haha

As for me, I'm thankful to have those except for the last three one. But I'm always thankful to God for letting me see the beautiful side when things don't go as I expected it to be.

I know God wants me to wait. He wants us to wait patiently. And one thing for sure, He knows the perfect timing to everything. So smile, you go girl :)


Denise said...

ay nagyun ko lang nakita blog moooooooo. beautiful naman. wait lang huh, will link your blog and sittie's to mine.

blog more. it is fun.

Khlaren said...

I agree! but I lack the last three too :))

Roxanne said...

thank you miss D.. there's more to learn pa on blogging pero this could be the start.. hihi, thanks for inspiring us :)

we just have to wait darling, thanks for dropping by :)

Kookie B. said...

thanks for dropping by my blog, dear! this is really cute!

Gela said...

agreed! what a lovely post. keep the positive vibes coming, Roxanne! :)

boat ride through the sky

Roxanne said...

thanks miss kookie :)

thanks miss gela, your every post is very inspiring as well :)

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