Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flashback: Fabulous February :)

Again, I'm doing a flashback outfit post from the previous months i posted on tumblr. I guess I'll be doing this till May (please understand :)..

This first two photos were taken when we visited the farm of my very dear friend Sittie.

 Thrifted this red jacket for only P20.00, cheap right? no wonder one of it's buttons is missing.. hahaha

I find boy shorts super cool because it's not too short nor too long when worn and it's very comfortable to wear :)

Thifted: black top, red jacket and boy shorts
 Heels: American Eagle
Sandals: at my bff's garage sale
Floral dress: Mint


fashioneggpplant said...

very cute photos! i love that red blazer, such a steal for only P20, wish i was better at thrifting :)

M & Em said...

My goodness, you're the cutest thing ever. Those shorts are awesome, and you pull them off so well!


roxannelimpante said...

@miss fashion eggplant:
thanks miss eggplant, though you are not soo good at thrifting, your DIY stuff is super cute din naman.. thanks for dropping by :)

roxannelimpante said...

@miss M & Em:

thanks miss M @ EM, thank you for that lovely comment..

i would to exchange links with you..

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