Saturday, June 2, 2012

Small Frequent Dressing turned ONE!

I can't believe Small Frequent dressing turned one today! Before i started this blog, i was just a "stalker" actually to some bloggers i really looked up to. Some of them are Denise, Kryz Uy, Tricia Gosingtian and Kookie. They are the one who inspired me to start my own blog. I know I'll never be like them because I know that all of us are unique in our own little ways. I'd be hypocrite if I'd say that I don't envy them because of their enormous followers and sponsors but still I take it positively because they inspire me to be better and better in every way.

I'd also like to thank my bff Sittie and my nursesisstic friends for being my abid, loyal followers and supporters. Thank you Sittie for being generous enough to take some of my OTD's with your DSLR. Thank you Nurse veth for lending me some of your awesome stuffs. thank you Nurse Archiel and Dimple for your loyalty and last but the least thank you Nurse/ Cousin Zeb because you we're also one of those people who inspired me start blogging.

Third would be all of YOU! my followers, supporters, silent readers, or even you anonymous :)
This blog meant nothing without you readers. 
Thank you for your sweetest comments and compliments!

Last but definitely not the least thank you Lord for always making me feel blessed and beautiful inside and out. Thank You because I have known beautiful people through this blog.
Years from now, i would love to go back to this post. Thank you blogspot for letting me write my online fashion diary :D

PS. I feel bad because I don't have any give away to offer to you gals and gays. I became so busy these days because of my new job. But am not closing my doors, for sponsorship and collaborations please feel free to email me! haha. I'd be much much willing to do so :)


Denise said...

HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY ROXANNE! *hug* :) more outfit posts and see you soon!:)

Em said...

Happy blogsary! :)))

Verna Abril said...

Happy blog anniversary! More power to you and your blog :)

zeb said...

God is indeed very true to His word "He makes all things beautiful" and you are one of evidence.

Couz Happy 1st Year Blog Anniversary. You deserve a limelight ;)

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