Friday, June 22, 2012

Oh My Shoooes!

The rainy season is starting to mess up with my shoes! What's your latest shoe lust?
As for me, I've been trying to find the perfect jelly shoes/sandals, because it's super hassle when your shoes get soaked from the rain. Hopefully I'll find a pair in some department stores.

I know i'll never find a pair of jelly shoes in thrift shops, but am thinking maybe these photos are worth sharing for hahaha


dred said...

wooowww! andaming 70% off pa.san ito? :)

dred said...

wooowww! andaming 70% off pa.san ito? :)

roviedear said...

buti ka pa! ukay shoes dont fit me haha :P
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Roxanne said...

@dred: it's somewhere in bataan, nakakaloka ang mga ukay shoes here haha

@rovie: am pretty sure dear meron pair para sayo, nagtatago lang yun kung saan2 haha

Fictitious Fashion said...

oh my.. so many?? nicee

Thank you for your wonderful comment in my previous post <3

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christine said...

I love buying shoes in Ukay stores too! :) specially for brogues and boots that are hard to find, what's tricky is to find pairs na wala msyadong sira :P Loved your post dear! :)


cherie said...

oh my gosh, so much shoes! i love ukay as in haha. i agree with you, jelly shoes are the answer to rainy days :)

...crickette... said...

Saan ito??? You really have to give me tips! I still havent benn ukay-shopping

DEMI said...

like your blog dear
keep posting and go for it!!


Atalante said...

Good luck on your mission to find jelly shoes!

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