Monday, May 21, 2012

When I think about..

"When I think about love, I think about when I was little and I automatically knew what I wanted. Love just like that. Like your favorite color comes to you, or how a smile comes across your face. It should just hit you and you should know that’s how it’s supposed to be."

So what's your your favorite color as of the moment? Mine would be definitely YELLOW :)

the truth is that this short is kinda tight, so I decided leave it unbuttoned (haha) and finish it with a nice polka dot belt :)
Wearing: Top: Robinson's Dept. Store, Shorts: DIY, Belt: from a romper, Bag: Thrift, Shoes: Parisian, Eyewear: Mint
Necklace: Gifts Ahoy


Cokie Coquilla said...

I love the combination of yellow, white and that polka dots ribbon! :)

Its Loreta said...

Lovely outfit and nice blog:)

cherie said...

you look pretty in yellow! the polka dot is such a sweet accent to your outfit roxanne :)

La Mode En Rose said...

nice outfit!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

eliz. said...

I love yellow too!! Whoo hoo for a cute outfit!

kath said...

cute outfit roxanne!! :)

Scarllet Gonçalves said...

love the whole outfit!
Great taste beautiful :)

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BelatedBloomer said...

I love yellow too! :D The tied belt is a cute touch to the outfit!

Irene Buffa said...

love ur shorts <3

Alyssa Jane Saluta said...

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I love your blog,definitely followed.:)
Pls.follow me also. :)
Thank you!

fashioneggpplant said...

love the yellow and polka together :)

CarmisCaprice said...

love the polka! :)
please join my birthday give-away!

mathea said...

i love your white shorts with that polka DIY polka belt, very interesting. never tried wearing oxfords yet. pretty yellow shirt you have there sis! very purrrty naman.


Super cute outfit dear!!!! Especially the shorts with the polka belt :))

Btw, let's follow each other??? <3


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