Friday, May 25, 2012

Thrift Haul

Am currently suffering from conjunctivitis (sore eyes/ pink eyes) right now that's why i can't take some of my OTTD post. This is actually my very first time to encounter conjunctivitis, that's why i made a promise to myself to become extra careful next time to never encounter this again. It's kinda depressing actually. I can't go out because my eyes are swollen but still thank God because slowly am recovering.

On a lighter note, i just want to share to you some of my thrift finds waiting for their "right" moment to shine. hihi

1. Dotted Denim Romper 2. LBD 3. Ombre top 4.  Cropped top + trousers 5. Bustier  6. LBD

P.S Will become extra busy for the coming days, but am hoping to update my blog every once in a while. (fingers crossed!)

BTW: love and elegance is hosting a give away, just click the link to join :)


jamie said...

i really love that ombre top!!! hope that you are well <3

xx james

Dane said...

Thrifting is the best in the Philippines!

jessica-anne said...

That cropped top is gorgeous! I love how you get your outfits from thrift shops, it's a great way to find one-off pieces :)

come visit me at


mathea said...

halow rowxy!!! hindi pa ako nagkakaron nyang sore eyes na yan heheh takot yata sa akin. can't wait to see you wearing those new pretty daughters of yours. have a good day, pagaling ka :)

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