Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Say No to Bad Hair day ;)

Well as you all know, am having a hair dilemma ( to remain straight or to go for curls) and I'm so happy for this videos I found on you tube.. I must say, this videos really helped me a lot!! Enjoy ladies ;)

Quick Fix: Asymmetrical Braided Up-do

Voluminous Waves for Long and Short Hair Tutorial

♡ Heat-Free Dolly Curls in Under 5 Minutes ♡


eji patanao said...

these are really helpful :)) i am also having a hard time to fix my hair, especially when im running late for school, i don't go out without drying my hair first, i use electric fan, cause i believe it will be damaged when you use a blow dryer, the heat itself :)

wild and fierce

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Cristina Surdu said...

I like your blog and I think I will follow your blog ;)! If you want to visit my blog http://cristinasurdu.blogspot.com/
Thank you,kiss

WonderWoman said...

Would love to follow each other. :) Following you now!


SunnyToast said...

Thank you for sharing...My hair always my dilemma...having the natural curly hair which sometimes I hate and love..this would be a great help to have a new look every now and then:)

Big thanks! I guess time to experiment:)

CutestPrincess said...

i should try the headwrap... nice post!

It’s a GIRL Thing


great videos!! so useful!!! i like turbans!!

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