Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Old times, Good Times :)

When it comes to hanging out with friends, one can be sure that it is going to be absolutely amusing and 
unlimited fun. The talks seem to go on forever and any silly topic can become a point of lengthy discussions. Be it the latest trend in jewelry, the latest gadgets, old classic movies, the cute neighbor next door, work related pressures, there is no end to the list. In this stressful age, getting together with friends has become a luxury than a daily routine. Consider yourself lucky if you get to hang around with friends often because many people simply remember those good old days of carefree life with friends.

meet my gorgeous gal Aidnace, i looove her blazer! :)
 Picture perfect with bff  Sittie of sittieinthecity, plus have you noticed my hair?? it's a bit curly right, i tried doing the video I posted in one of my previous posts and I must say it really worked! clap clap :)

Wearing: Cropped top: Divisoria, Bag: From Mom, Bangles: Vente Vente, Ring; from bff Sittie, Denim Shorts: Thrift

 Aside from meeting up with these lovely people, we also got the chance to meet Miss Denise of denisekatipunera.. I love her energy, she's very fun to talk with plus she looks absolutely pretty together with her hubby and the cutest angel Yllac :)

 I must say I really missed you guys, hope to see you more often ( well if all our schedules meet )  :)


klepi said...

very nice pictures :) I love you t-shirt :)

Sam said...

Awesome photos, looks like you all had tones of fun.
Adore the stripe & heart tee - so cute!

cherie said...

love the heart shirt. and i definitely agree that good friends always equals long talks :)

Caterina Salvietti said...

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