Friday, June 7, 2013


Which color has the hardest spelling? Well according to
Chartreuse (light green) is very hard for many people to spell, as well as turquoise (particular shade of blue) & Fuchsia (pink). 

Say those words and try to put those into writing and you'll know what i mean. It's hard to spell it right? hahaha, maybe you'll prefer blue over turquoise and pink over fuchsia. But one thing I like about these colors is that it looks more refreshing than the usual shades of colors, it brightens up my mood actually.

Matchy bag and flats, I love this outfit actually. It's very casual yet very classic, don't you think? :D

Wearing; Lace Top and Gamuza shorts: Gifted, Bag: c/o Props, Flats: Thrifted 


Em said...

lovely! I love the color and the lace top! :)

roviedear said...

super cute bag dear!!! missed visiting your blog!

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